Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Final Hours of Thankfulness

I witnessed my friend be like Jesus to her sweet mom today.  Rubbing her feet so tenderly.   Ninety years and now slowly saying goodbye as the final breath is near but unknown.  The beautiful picture of love and care and respect for a dear woman who even in the midst of her current state is thankful for the little things.  Her thankful book sits nearby of sentences that were longer weeks ago,  and now small thoughts and words has she weakens... but still a heart of gratitude.  Her chair, her food, her care takers, her family, friends, grandchildren, the sunshine, her final earthly home, the doctor, her sweet daughters, feeling loved and cared for.  Today in a brief moment of being awake..
 "I'm a blessed woman even now"   
My friend and I talked about what we were thankful for in the midst of this trial and emotional time of saying goodbye to her mom.  There are many things.  
 We talked about if we'd rather go quick or know we were going to die and have time to say all the things we want to say to our loved ones... we didn't have an answer as both sting.
I drove away and cried for my friend knowing these moments are precious and time stands still as she waits.. watching the mother she holds so close to her heart only get weaker and moving closer to Heaven.  I love her mom, I will miss her.  I hate cancer and I hope and pray when I'm in my last days I will be as grateful, thankful, kind and gracious as I've witnessed these last few weeks.

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